1. I usually refrain from commenting on anything someone says about my work, but since you said “What do you think?” I will grudgingly admit that your bold improvement is indeed a fine improvement! It much better captures what I was wanting to say! Good lord.

    Anyway, I have lots of thoughts about the rest, but yes, will hold back – will say that you really got to the heart of the poem, and I you’re totally right about my use of vagueness, etc.

    Thank you again for your sustained and deep attention.



    • spencerkjgordon

      Thanks for dropping in, Raoul! You wrote an understated, thought-provoking, and moving poem, and it was a joy to discuss piece by piece. Thanks for humouring my suggestion, too! Ha. Looking forward to your next work, big time.

    • spencerkjgordon

      That’s amazing to hear! Thank you for reading and for posting a response. I’m really happy this was useful for you. And good luck with your work!

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